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    DH61AG Power Button Control & Header Questions


      I see that on the HTPC header pin 7 is defined as #Power_Button. On the front panel header is the standard power switch pins (pins 6 & 8) with pin 6 defined as POWER_SWITCH# and a note that says:


      Pins 6 and 8 can be connected to a front panel momentary-contact power switch. The

      switch must pull the SW_ON# pin to ground for at least 50 ms to signal the power

      supply to switch on or off.


      Are these 2 pins tied together on the motherboard? I'm designing a custom controller board and would like to use that to interface/control the system. Am I correct in assuming that I can directly interface a microcontroller pin to pull the pin low?


      I have a couple of other questions that I hope can be answered as well:

      1. The CIR header pin 6 is defined as Vcc. What voltage is this and how is it used?
      2. The HTPC header pin 1 is defined as the Recording LED. Does the motherboard have a current limiting resistor or should I add one to my circuit?
      3. I didn't see any definition for this Recording LED pin if I'm to connect the anode or the cathode of the LED.
      4. I believe that I need current limiting resistors for all the attached LEDs but I just wanted to clarify if any are already on the motherboard. (A minor point I know since I can easily add them to my board but space is at a premium so I'd like to limit the number of components on my board as much as possible).


      Thanks in advance for anyone's help in getting these questions answered so I can finish my board design!H61AG