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    Artifacts on x4500 (Intel 4 Series Express ChipsetFamily)




      I've installed drivers from new modded driver new version by pavelv15.rar downloaded from INTEL GMA -4500m-4500mhd-x4500 help site - MODDED DRIVERS . Since then I get artifacts in Areo interface (only there) and in games. What I've found out is that these drivers overclocked GPU from 475 to 640 (I think so, I'm not sure if it was earlier , tested with GPU-Z). Is there any way to revert back to normal speed? Of course I've tried changing drivers to normal, newest, oldest, etc. What is funny these artifactsI think don't show in windows XP in games (I will confirm), only in Windows 7, GPU clock remains set to 640MHz anyway. Tried also flashing BIOS , since it's laptop, Dell E5500. Please help