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    Differences between low power CPU fan

    Ignasi Lupon

      I recently bought several low-power processors: G630T and i3 2100T to start small self-designed computers. The surprise is that some are a fan of 9 blades and other fan blades 11.

      I want to use the 11 blade, because it is more efficient and quieter than 9. Is there any way to know which series feature 11 fan blades?

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          It is up to the fan manufactures to design a thermal solution.


          We use Nidec*, Delta*, Sanyo Denki*, Foxconn* and each supplier will have their own design and components.


          The number of blades, size of blades or the pitch is not something Intel(R) will keep on track as long as it fits, works and it being within the sound guidelines .


          11 blades is not more efficient than 9, they are the same from a cooling perspective.  

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            Ignasi Lupon

            Thanks for your response.

            It may be no differences in efficiency. But let me explain my case:

            I build a little mini-PC with the air outlet side, directly from the processor fan. Testing the same layout (same board, same box, same processor) 9 blades fan (Foxconn) usually rotates between 1170 to 1200 RPM, the 11 blades fan rotate at 980 to 1100 RPM, and the sound difference is very noticeable. I have done extensive testing and I'm sure this is so.

            I would add that the sound is not the fan noise when turning, but the "wind." The Foxconn 9 blades fan "blows" a lot when it is confined in a small space.

            Perhaps the 11 blades fan move more air is ejected laterally and better (in my design). I do not know, I have no sufficiently precise measuring instruments. But the difference in noise is very noticeable, so I'm pretty sure.

            Anyway, thanks again for the answer

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              As per the Engineering Department, you may want to make sure the fan is plugged into the correct fan header. For confirmation purposes, they have tested both processor fan types and the results were that, when plugging processor fan into a chassis fan header they spin faster and had a high pitched noise whine at boot.  When plugging the processor fan on the processor’s fan header, they both ran quieter and slower.


              Please do not hesitate on contacting us back if any further assistance is needed


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