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    New build. Intel integrated HD graphics driver locks up PC


      Greetings everyone!  I'm finishing up my first build here (i5 3570K, Asus P8Z77-V), and when I initially installed windows I had no problems, I threw in my mobo drivers cd and chose to install them all (one of which was a standard intel integrated graphics driver) and upon reboot windows would not load and the screen went black with green anomalies all over.  I system restored and was able to get things working, and I only installed the LAN drivers.  I was coasting along, figuring there was just something wrong with the integrated GPU on the i5, and it didn't like those drivers.  I installed lots of windows updates and the latest intel hd 4000 drivers and upon restarting, the same issue occurred.  I against successfully system restored.  After re-downloading the 86 mandatory windows updates, and avoiding the intel hd 4000 drivers, I rebooted and again, same issue.  This time I'm not so sure what to think, as it's clearly the cpu/gpu disliking one of those updates.  Sometimes I'll be able to start windows normally, and it will take a few seconds before the anomaly appears and windows locks up.  I'm currently in safe mode and it doesn't let me mess around with the graphics drivers (i've reinstalled them since I don't believe they are the issue, or sole issue at least).  I originally wasn't too worried about this because I'm just waiting on my GTX 670 to arrive in the mail (should be another few weeks as I'm overseas), but it would appear that the issue is far more severe than just the gpu not wanting to load any drivers.


      I appreciate any help anyone can provide, I feel like I kind of have an idea of some fix actions but mainly I'm here to ask if anyone is already familiar with this issue, or if they can definitely tell me that the CPU/GPU is defective and I'm wasting my time.  Thanks in advance!


      Additional info: Running Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit. Sorry! Meant to include that.


      Also, I am actually able to see all of the installed updates, but have no way of identifying which one(s) might be causing the issue.


      Update: Installed all the updates minus the graphics drivers and it's in working order, so it's definitely the graphics driver that messes it up.