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    Dustin S.

      So I recently purchased an Intel S1200KP, but I every time I power it on, it seems to have an error with the RAM. I have tried 2 different RAM sticks (I will specify later in this post), and each has the same result: 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause, so on so forth. The RAM that I have attempted to use in this build are:


      Kingston 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3 1333 Server Memory Hynix C Model KVR13E9/4HC

      Crucial 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 CT25664BA1339.M8FMR (Previously used in a computer successfully)


      In case it is relevant, I have an Intel Xeon E-1220 V2 Ivy Bridge @3.1GHz (3.5GHz Turbo)  4 x 256KB L2 Cache 8MB l3Cache LGA 1155 69W Quad-Core Server Processor BX80637E31220V2


      I have tried the sticks in each ram slot individually, and with the other as well. Also keep in mind that the Kingston 4GB DDR3 RAM & the Intel S1200KP are brand new. I really would like to know what the issue is and how I can resolve the issue, or even just clues as to help me solve it would be outstanding. Thank you.

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          Dustin S.

          It wasn't the RAM at all. We put in a Sandy Bridge i3, and it ran just fine with the RAM. All it needed was a BIOS update.

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            Dustin, do you mean to say that the v2 Ivy Bridge CPU now works in your board? You just put an old CPU in, flashed the BIOS, then put the v2 CPU in and presto? Because the guy at Intel support just now told me that the boards that support the v2 CPUs are actually different. Please clarify as soon as possible, I need to know what to do. I have an unopened S1200KP (not KPR) and an E3-1225 v2. I have an i7-2600 I could put in the board to update the BIOS if that will work. Thanks!

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              Never mind. I just tried it myself and it works! I hope Intel tech support takes note.


              Specifically, my S1200KP is marked (on the box) as part number DBS1200KP. My processor is a Xeon E3-1225v2. Before trying the processor in the board I read where it would not work in that motherboard part number. You need DBS1200KPR. Since I could not find one of those in stock except in New Zealand, and emboldened by Dustin's post, I installed an i7-2600 (and non-ECC memory) in my board and flashed it with the 0022 BIOS. Then I put in the E3-1225v2 and it works!


              The Intel tech support guy I talked to prior said that the new board is actually different. At this point, I doubt that. I think they just have to mark the boxes differently to indicate that the BIOS is actually up to date out-of-the-box and thus able to support v2 chips. They, of course, can't expect people to do what I did.

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                In my board the same thing is happening, 3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause.


                My board is a DBS1200KP (Version G34877-102), E3-1225 processor. 3.10 GHz, Cache 6MB (BX80623E31225 Product Code), and the memory is a Kingston KVR1333D3D4R9S/8G.


                Unfortunately I have no other processor with LGA1155 socket to see if you need a BIOS update.


                Are there any other suggestion to solve the problem?



                Thank you.

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                  In your case I think your problem is the memory, not the CPU. Your CPU is not a new v2 one, so you should be fine without a BIOS update. What isn't fine however is your memory. You're using registered memory, where you actually need unbuffered. The Kingston memory I used in that board is KVR1333D3E9SK2/8G, which is a kit of two 4GB modules. Hope that helps. Deus te abençoe.

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                    This board does not support registered memory, but it supports 8GB modules?


                    In memory support information on this board, did not understand the following item:


                    "16 GB maximum total system memory (with 4 Gb memory technology). See Section 2.1.1 on page 25 of the TPS for information on the total amount of addressable memory."


                    Would you like indications modules 8GB (provided that it accepts) which can be used in this board, for example, module KVR1333D3E9S/8G is supported?



                    Thank you,

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                      very happy i found this thread! i was going to pick up this board at newegg but hesitated after coming across a buyer comment that stated the board would not work with e3 v2 chips, that a bbs1200kpr board was instead needed - but it looks like that's not the case? my plan was to purchase an e3-1245 v2 ivy bridge chip and use it with this board, which seems very doable according to these posts? one problem tho - i do not have the capability to flash this mobo (no other chips or mem laying around). is there a chance it will work out of the box with an e3-1245 v2? if not, can i get it flashed at a local pc store or the like? thanks very much in advance for your assistance.

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                        just got finished discussing this topic with an intel tech guy, gustavo, using intel's chat service. apparently the only difference between the kp boards and kpr boards (which supports the v2 chips) is the kpr boards are fitted with a couple of capacitors to support the v2 chip - apparently the kp boards don't have these capacitors and therefore, according to intel, don't support the v2. here's our chat:


                        Gustavo: Thank you for contacting Intel Server Support Chat Services. May I know on what Intel Server Product do you need support on?


                        Me: will the e3-1245 v2 chip work with the DBS1200KP motherboard?


                        Gustavo: Needs to be the DBS1200KPR


                        Me: are you 100% positive?


                        Gustavo: Yes. The R denotes a refreshed version, launched to support V2 E3 Xeons


                        Me: so can't i simply flash the bios of the DBS1200KP?


                        Gustavo: A BIOS update is not enough. The board needs to be an R version in order to take those processors


                        Me: can you do me a big favor and check out this thread at the intel forum? it appears that users have flashed the s1200kp bios which has allowed them to use the v2 chip - your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated http://communities.intel.com/thread/30150


                        Gustavo: OK, there are two resistors on the board on the R versions that are not present on the non-R. It may have work for that person, question is for how long? I don't recommend doing this. Those capacitors are what makes possible to run V2 series on a stable way.


                        Me: very interesting. i've looked for the r board in the states but can't find it - why isn't it readily available as the non-r board?


                        Gustavo: Not sure about that one. I can tell you that there are two fab numbers G34877-102 (older) and G34877-201 (latest). Those are the only two SKUs available for that board. Be aware that whenever there is a big change (such as stepping change, board components change, etc) the last three digits change dramatically. Such is the case of 102 and 201. There was no 103,104,105...Instead it went all the way up to 201. That is the R version. So make sure you buy the G34877-201 if you are planning to use a V2 E3 Xeon.


                        Me: one last question - can i use either registered or unbuffered ecc memory with the e3 v2 chip?


                        Gustavo: With the processor yes, however if you are going to get the S1200KPR then it needs to be unbuffered. The board won't take registered


                        Me: is that the case for most server boards?


                        Gustavo: No. Actually most of them take registered. I guess it is a chipset limitation on the S1200KPR.


                        Me: so i'm playing with fire if i go with the s1200kp and the e3 v2 given the lack of additional capacitors? is there anything else different about the kp and the kpr boards?


                        Gustavo: No, only those capacitors. That is the only difference.


                        Me: very interesting. so if choose to roll the dice on the kp board, will i need to flash the bios in order for it to work - or will it work out of the box with the e3 v2?


                        Gustavo: I am not sure, again the KP doesn't support the E3 V2


                        Me: thanks gustavo - you've been very helpful, much appreciated.

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                          Interesting. Funnily enough, it was also Gustavo who told me I couldn't just flash the board and have it work with a v2 chip. Not totally believing him I did it anyway and it seemed fine. I say "seemed" because I ended up returning the board and getting a uATX board instead due to more available slots. So all I can say is that during the short time I had the board, it was fine. Gustavo did not give me the level of detail he gave you, or I probably would not have tried it at all.


                          After saying all that, I bet the new revision of boards is "in the wild" now. Just order one from someplace you can return it to, like Amazon, and look at the box before opening it. Should reflect the new part number. NewEgg might be another good choice, but they may (or may not) stick you with a 15% restock fee. For an unopened board probably not, if you explain the reason. But Amazon is no questions asked.

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                            hey mkush, are you the guy who posted about the need for a kpr board at newegg, in the comment section of the  s1200kp board? that was a helpful post, got me to look into it a little closer instead of just hitting the buy button, glad i did. i'm very tempted to just pick up the kp board and flash it but, i have to say, the thought of the board missing those capacitors doesn't leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.what uatx board did you go with, does it support a v2? i know more than a few folks are having success using the v2 on desktop boards, boards that technically don't support the v2, but now that i know about the additional capacitors i wonder how the long the honeymoon will last, will the boards give out? you're probably right about the new board being in  the wild - not sure i want to keep ordering boards until i hit on the right sku.... decisions, decisions. why can't this stuff be easy?

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                              in retrospect i'm not sure why i was so hung up on getting an intel board to match with an e3-1245 v2, especially given it appears to be a relatively complicated process. i was just at asrock's website and they show a long list of their boards that support v2 chips.... checking out newegg asrock mobo comments, lots of users very happy with their v2 / asrock setups, apparently no problems at all....

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                                Robert, I got an Intel S1200BTSR, which is the "v2" version of the S1200BTS. Got it from NewEgg, advertised with the correct part number. Wanted more slots since I think I'm going to put a 10GbE card in it. Don't know about the ASRock boards, never used one, I just like Intel for some reason. If it's for a server, I feel it's important that the board support ECC memory, so look for that.


                                Here's a link to my build: OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (Nexenta*, OpenIndiana, Solaris Express) - Page 184 - [H]ard|Forum


                                Signing off for a few weeks...

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                                  Simon Lea

                                  I can confirm the S1200BTL works fine with Intel E3 v2 processors and I recall someone reporting on these forums that they flashed a S1200KP and it was also working fine.


                                  The gotcha is that you need a supported processor in order to boot and flash the board before you can use the E3 v2 on it.  An E3 v1, i3 or Gxxx processor should do.


                                  The S1200KP is a great little board, just a shame Intel disabled the VT-d IO passthrough for virtulization or they could have sold stacks of these as ESXi lab machines.



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                                    Khan Md. Ashraf

                                    I am in a world trouble. I have a S1200KP board, Xeon E3-1220 Server Processor (not the v2 version) and PNY DDR3 PC3-10666 1333 MHz ECC Registered Triple Channel Memory 3x4GB.kit. This combination refuses to boot. Have till date (about a month now) not been able to get it to boot. In the process both the board and processor have been replaced under warranty. Finally Intel tech support (phone support) says I should try with S1200KP 'tested' RAM  Intel´┐Ż Server Board S1200KP — Memory features and tested memory list

                                    This problem is peculiar to only this processor, other supported processor has been tested on the board with unregistered DDR3 RAM and works as advertised and tested by the local Intel warranty support service outfit. It also has been flashed to the current BIOS version. Problem is they deal with desktop processors and boards and are not equipped to test server components.

                                    I am having difficulty getting hold of 'tested' RAM! And money already invested in the above memory kit

                                    Any ideas would be appreciated.


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