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    Graphics Card issue

    TTG Deceit

      Hello Intel Community, when I try to start my game, Minecraft, it says the graphics drivers are out of date.Whoch then it can't play the game. I've searched around and can't find much help so if someone can reply with the DL's to the right drivers, I'd appreciate it. Im also on Windows XP. Here is my info:







      HOW DO I UPDATE!?!?!?!

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          The final update for it is (aka

          Download Center


          You probably already have it though (check Device Manager). If it still doesn't work, you'll have to check a Minecraft forum to see what they say about support on this hardware.

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            Hi, the easiest way to get an update of drivers using Driver Easy free application that can be downloaded from


            The program will determine which drivers have the same date and retrieve them, You just gotta follow the instructions of the program.The free version, unfortunately, the download and installation must be done individually for each controller.

            The best in this category is in my opinion, Driver Genius Professional Edition, which is more powerful, but it is a commercial program.My advice is to look on the internet, you may find the public version.

            Greetings from Polish.Stan