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    PCIe 2.0 video card works in 1.0 mode


      Video Card: Nvidia Quadro 2000D (pcie 2.0)

      MB: DH77EB


      This card is now working in pcie 1.0 mode instead of 2.0, it works normally on my last mb DH57JG.

      I updated mb bios from 0057 - 0071, and tried serveral nvidia drivers, but no effect.


      This MB have so many problems:

      real fan always full speed,

      windows 7 x64 install failed in UEFI mode,

      PCIe 2.0 video card works at 1.0 mode in the PCIe 3.0 slot,

      IDT failed to detect MB staus in 0071 ver bios,



      I would rather I had not upgrade from i5-650 to i7-3770