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        I agree. This is hardware or videobios somehow and not a driver issue. Maybe it can be fixed with a driver workaround but it is not a problem in the Intel igfx driver. I removed all igfx drivers and ran with the default Microsoft vga driver for a while and this issue was still there. It happens often but it is repeatable, so if I have a jpeg that causes the display to go black it will always do so for that jpeg. Driver version or even the vanilla vga driver don't make any difference.

        in video the repeatability is the same. it will go black at the same position every time and is not dependent on the player. ffdshow, wmp, vlc all show the same problem in the stream at the same moment.

        I also see the issue on windows 8 consumer preview.

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          My problem is not nearly repeatable as you are describing.  We may be talking about different issues. How long have you been using your DisplayPort to dual-link DVI converter?


          Also, are you running multiple monitors?  I have not seen this behavior when I'm only running a single monitor.


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            the convertor is almost new. i have used it for a few weeks on my laptop without issues. i also tried another converter but had the same problems. the  issue is with the igfx not the converter I'm sure of that.


            i tried multi monitor and have also tried single monitor, i have the issue in both cases.


            go through you picture album with a viewer like xnview displaying the images in full screen. keep on scrolling (with wheel or cursors) through the images until you find the one that blanks the screen then scroll one back and wait the screen will recover. then scroll back down to the image giving the problem, it should crash again.

            sometimes it goes blank on an image but then recovers for that image. but this will always be like that for that image.


            if it's not images causing this try to find a webpage that gives the problem, make sure there are no changing elements in there (ads etc) and try to repeatedly browse to the site a few times.

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              And I'm not using a converter.  This is almost guaranteed to be the hardware since it happens in BIOS (before loading any Windows-specific drivers) and with direct connections to the monitor.


              It seems you guys have it happening during certain things while mine is all the time no matter what is happening.  I could be browsing, not browsing, no open programs, multiple open programs and it doesn't matter. Same behavior...

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                I tried @robertjal 's test... It's pretty clear we are not having the same problem.


                My computer will drop video momentarily at any time: It doesn't matter what I'm doing, or if I'm even doing anything at all. Even when I tried, the computer has never repeatedly dropped video when repeatedly viewing the same image / web-page / video. I am also not using a converter, only direct connections.


                Don't know about seeing this happen in the BIOS. Tried a couple different things, but can't seem to get my BIOS to acknowledge the monitor on DisplayPort.

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                  A quick update: I just now experienced the issue at the office using my Dell U2410 (1920x1080). So it's not limited to using a crazy-high res screen.


                  Interestingly enough, what happened was a momentary flicker off/on that more closely mimics the other reports I've read in this thread. This is different than with what happens on my 27": a total blackout until I turn off/on the monitor or reset the connection in some other way.

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                    When I had the computer hooked up to a Dell 3011WFP, it was just a momentary flicker of the image... but that same momentary signal lapse into my Dell 3008WFP causes a 5-7sec blackout of the display while it figures out what's going on.

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                      i'm wondering if this has something to do with ram.

                      i have corsair DDR-1600 (4x8GB) but it's running at 1333. The mainboard simply refuses to boot (beeps only) when i set the memory timings to xmp-1600. These dimms where validated by intel to run at 1600mhz on a i7-3770K.


                      what do you guys have ?


                      i also tried to reduce the maximum multiplier that the igfx can us but that did not help.

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                        I too have Corsair DDR-1600 (4 x 8GB) Ram...


                        ... and now that I'm looking at it, running at 1333. 


                        I jacked up the memory (to 1GB) dedicated to the igfx, and that didn't help either.

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                          Interesting theory...


                          I have too have Corsair Vengeance DDR-1600 (2 x 8GB) (www.amazon.com/Corsair-Vengeance-Laptop-1600MHz-CMSX16GX3M2A1600C10/dp/B0076W9Q5A/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1340385590&sr=8-7)


                          It would make sense that the memory could be the culprit (never would have thought of that as I'm so used to having discrete graphics), and very suspect that all of us are running the same kind.

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                            I have G.Skill Ripjaws 4x8GB. They're clocked for 1866 but I believe they're running at 1333 since this is a new build and I didn't set them so things will be cooler in the case. I also have a program called AI Suite 2 that came with the mobo that shows info about the system and my GPU frequency constantly is switching from 350 to 650 even though I thought it was supposed to be at 350 when doing little (like I am now, sitting at the desktop) and ramped up to 650 for games and such. Unfortunately, it looks like it is just flipping between those frequencies every 4 seconds or so...

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                              Hi there!


                              The Intel engineering department is aware of this thread and they are currently working to get this issue resolved. I still do not have an estimate time of resolution but you can keep checking this post for updates.




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                                Thanks Allan!  If the engineering department needs guinea pigs, I'm game.

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                                  I just tweaked the BIOS to clock my memory up to 1600.  Machine boots just fine, and the video-dropping problem persists.

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                                    I just did some more tests.

                                    I got some cheap whitelabel ddr3-1600 ram, micron, (2x4GB) these dimms run at 1600MHz on my system using SPD. However the problem is still there.

                                    I switched the primary and secondary output in the bios, set things to manual etc but, that did not help.


                                    however what does help is using the hdmi output only. I connected it to my projector and then the problem is gone. the max res is 1920x1080p@60Hz

                                    I'll try using the DP output using a DP to hdmi convertor and see if that makes a difference.


                                    Frojo, what mainboard are you using and what timing did you set for your ram. I can't find one on my setup that boots using the corsair@1600 , not even with one dimm per channel. One dimm, single channel is the only thing that seems to boot sometimes.

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