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    Chipset Z77, SSD drive and Intel RST drivers


      Hi All,


      I recently built a brand new PC with CPU Intel Core i7 3770 and motherboard Asus P8Z77-V. I decided to opt for a SSD as boot device, using a traditional mechanical HDD for applications and storage-intensive tasks. Operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate x64. The Z77 SATA controller is set to operate in AHCI mode. The SSD is a Corsair Force GT 60 GB.


      All went fine, until I decided to drop the MS generic AHCI driver and install latest Inter RST ( instead. After doing this, the system became terribly unstable: in most cases it would freeze in just a couple of minutes, with HDD LED always lit, operating system frozen (only mouse pointer moving, could not do anything else); in some case this resulted in a BSOD with spontaneous reboot of the PC. The freeze/BSOD events happened regardless of the specific activity I was doing (most of them actually happened performing basic tasks such as watching videos on Youtube and surfing web pages with IE9).


      I tried to update everything I could (motherboard BIOS + SSD firmware), but things actually got worse (the freezes started to happen even before the operating system could complete boot).


      At the end I was left no choice other than performing a secure erase of the SSD and reinstalling Windows. Since then, I've left the MS generic AHCI driver, and the PC works just fine.


      Anybody experienced similar issues? Is there some workaround, or shall I give up and stick with MS AHCI driver?


      Thanks for Your help!