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    I am an Intel enthousiast but I feel left out....


      Hello everyone,

      I have been waiting for the Xeon e5-1620 or Xeon e5-1650 to be released for months and so far I can only find it in select preconfigured major retailers.

      You need to understand I build PC myself since I am 14 or for the last 23 years. I am not going to pay 4 times the cost of a complete machine just to have a xeon e5-1620 or xeon e5-1650.

      1) Does Intel plan on selling those two chips to E-retailers at some points?

      2) I am in dire need to replace my machine so I can wait  few more weeks but I feel left out because all information I can find about those two chips is that they are released which is not entirely true since they can be found in select circumstances.

      I want to continue my journey with Intel and am giving several more weeks to have some types of answer but I am not scared of trying out dual 4284.

      I need a new workstation and I will make it happen, and no there is no lub'ing with ... have you seen this or that CPU instead? Pardon my expression but I know what I want.

      Thank you in advance for any clarrification concerning these two CPUs.

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          The situation here is that the processors that you are looking for are currently available only in Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) version; this version is to be sold integrated on branded systems.

          It is possible that some computer stores might have the processor available as single OEM processor, so you can ask any of our local Authorized Intel® Distributors for availability:

          You can find a list of Authorized Intel® Distributors at:



          If they do not have it, then at this point we do not have any notification about releasing these processors as boxed retail versions.

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            Hello Adolfo,


            Thanks a lot for your help.

            I cannot reach the link after I enrolled for it, it says access denied no matter what I do so I will try again tomorrow. At least now I know what is going on with the processors.

            I will come back if I find a OEM version somewhere...

            Thanks a bunch,