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    How to use a virtual serial port sccKit


      This has been posted on our marcbug.scc-dc.com site numerous times.  It is worthy of a posting here too.


      With sccKit you can use a virtual serial port by doing the following:


      1) Insert the line "::respawn:-/bin/sh" into sccLinux/buildroot-2011.11/output/target/etc/inittab. For a freshly-downloaded repository, insert it into sccLinux/target_skeleton/etc/inittab.

      2) Re-build the image. A simple "make" in the buildroot directory should suffice.

      3) Open a minicom instance on an unused virtual serial port (e.g., "minicom -D /dev/crbif0rb0c0ttyS0" for core #0)

      4) Add the parameter "console=ttyS0" the the kernel command line in sccGui

      5) Boot the SCC core


      After startup, you should see the usual boot messages in minicom, and get a shell prompt once the kernel is running. This console is slower than ssh, but it also works if the network is down or sshd is unreachable.


      You can also KGDB with the virtual serial port option.



      (Thanx to Jan-Arne for the 5 step procedure.)