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    S5520HC FW Upgrade


      I currently run a S5520HC with Bios R0046 (46.12172009). We have 6 * 2GB 1066 RAM and need to increase this. I see that the current spec shows RAM support of 8 GB chips.


      A BIOS Update seems required since the spec sheet of the period did not allow for greater than 2 GB RAM. In reviewing the current BIOS R0061, the requirement of R0045 or greater checks out. The item that concerns me is this " - Intel(R) Server Board S5520HC FAB4 or later". In my original spec sheets, minimum requirement was FAB3 or FAB4. So, does FAB stand for fabrication? If it does, How can I determine this? (please not underneath MB)


      I have run CPU-Z (v 1.55) on the system and it brings up Rev. 13 for the chipset. Model S5520HC (E26045-407)


      Lastly, If anything goes caca with the update, I'll have the current BIOS (R0061) recovery file, as well. Is there a particular version I should target to 'roll back to'?