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    How much RAM my mother board can support?


      Hi to my techie friends:


      I need your guidance please. I have a mother board with following details:


      BIOS version ECG3510M.86A.0106.2008.0730.1746

      Processor type Intel ® Core ™ 2 Quad PC Q6600 @2.40GHz, Intel ® EM64T Capable

      Processor speed: 2.40 GHz

      System Bus Speed: 1066 MHz

      System Memory Speed: 800 MHz

      L2 Cache RAM 2x4096KB

      Memory Mode Dual Channel

      Memory Mode Channel A slot 0 2048 MB

      Memory Mode Channel A slot 1 2048 MB

      Memory Mode Channel B slot 0 not installed

      Memory Mode Channel B slot 1 not installed


      I want to understand if I can have additional 4 GB ram in memory mode channel B slot 0 and slot 1...if my motherboard would support that 8 GB ram in total? I already have 4 GB in channel A


      Please suggest.