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    Another S5000PAL-processor-update-problem E5430


      Hi everybody,


      as found in http://communities.intel.com/message/4583#4583, there are problems with updating cpu in S5000PAL.


      Same for me (A19-Error, processor voltage mismatch) after upgrading from one E5335 to two E5430 (SLBBK).

      Board: S5000PAL

      Chassis: SR2500, 3 system-fans.





      We followed all of these instructions (order of updates and Bios-Reset).

      First update (since not awaiting any problem) was done with deployment-CD and all updates at one time.

      After receiving ongoing errors, we found the documentation about the update-order, so we reapplied the updates in given order with a reboot between each single update (BIOS->BMC->FRU/SDR).

      Since the acutal documentation for S5000PAL tells that  E5430 (SLBBK) is compatible, i hope to find an answer - better a solution - here

      In the documentation from Intel, there is no hint about the Revision of the board (PAL / PALR) - so i think, it should work.


      Best regards from Germany.



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          hi sacha,


          issue looks like there is a difference in processor wattage.


          can you please check the below for further clarification.


          Go to BIOS setup by pressing "F2".

          traverse to processor option  and see the CPUID for both processor 1 and processor 2.

          Kindly let us know.




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            Hi Kamal,


            tanks for your answer.


            CPUID is 0001067A

            Shown stepping is 0A

            (for further tests, we only use on of the E5430 (SLBBK) cpus since the error appears with one cpu installed too, with two cpus, the same error is shown twice).




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              Hi there,


              When you have this error message in the BIOS '19a - voltage mismatched', this is because you have a non-refresh board. It will never go this error message as the non-refresh is not meant to work with 45nm processors. So unfortunately, there is no fix for this. At least your one is working, in some cases it does not boot at all.

              Even upgrading the bios, it wont make the error message disappear.

              One thing only to be 100% sure, check the pba number of the your board if it is non-refresh board and if your cpu is 45 nm. Other than this, i dont have any suggestions.
              Refresh board has a 'R' at the end.


              If your board is a non-refresh board, then only 65 nm cpu worked fine on it.


              The only refresh board with PBA starting Dxx that works with the 45 nm are:
              Website: http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/CS-028540.htm


              Useful website to check:


              If you have the pba number, let me know i can check it for you.



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                Hi Aryan,

                thank you for your answer. I found it earlier in another thread.

                We have one Server with S5000PAL (without R) here working with E5430. Our systembuilder (intel-OEM) told us, that nearly each S5000PAL should work with E54XX. If this would not work, why should kamal ask me for further details? We dont have a single board but a complete Chassis (SR2500ALBRPR-V2), which is shown to be compatible with E5430-processors. Since the system is booting into bios, only showing the A19-Error but is able to boot, i think (not a great pro for this) a new bios-update should be able to fix this error.

                The problematic server is in production (with older an single E5335), so i do not often have the possibility to open the case or install updates. I called the intel-support for further help, but they need the PBA- and serialnumber - so i have to get it first. If i receive an answer there, i will post it here. Perhaps, i get an other answer here?



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                  Hi Sacha,


                  So you have a server S5000PAL working with the CPU E5430 without any error message in the BIOS. This is really weird. Sacha, if you give me the pba

                  number of the board, i can verify it for you.

                  Pba number can be obtained:
                  from the board (usually next to the pci x slot)
                  in the bios - Server Management >> System Information
                  Management Software like Intel Active Console.


                  I know that a non-refresh board will never work without any error message with a 45 nm cpu, it may boot, it may work but you will be stuck with an error

                  message in the bios - 19A -Voltage Mismatched. A non-refresh board is designed to work only with a 65 nm cpu and no bios update will fix this.


                  Yeah of course, there is a way to get rid of the message (but not fix it) - Go in the Bios
                  Main >> Post Error Pause >> Disabled


                  So, if you managed to give me the pba number of the board, i can check it for you.


                  Best Regards,

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                    Hi Aryan,


                    sorry for my last post, i was a bit angry about this whole problem. Yesterday, I discovered the the "old, non-working board" has PBA D13....-806 and the newer one has -904, so it is a refresh, even if our systembuilder told me, that its a "normal" S5000PAL. Today, a call at Intel Germany gave me confirmation about this "problem". Í asked the technician, if i can replace the old S5000PAL with a new S5000PALR without any problem in our SR2500 and without affecting the OS (VMWare 3.5). He told me, that the Chipset and all other interfaces are the same, only the power-section has changed. So I will buy a S5000PALR and hope, that the whole server stays running and we do not run into new problems.

                    Can someone agree????


                    Best regards,


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                      Hi Sacha,


                      I understand your situation.


                      Actually from the PBA number of your old motherboard D13--- -806, it is a non-refresh board.


                      And as i said earlier, the non-refresh board is not meant to work with a 45 nm CPU. Thereotically, if you replace your old non-refresh board with a refresh-board board, everything should work fine, provided the board has all the same firmware revision.


                      The best thing to do is if you have an old working board with the same firmware revision (Bios, BMC, SDR) as the one which is not working, try to create a BACKUP of all the data that you have. Then update the firmware of the board to the latest one from the website.


                      Then you will get your new refresh board, just update the firmware (bios, bmc, sdr) to the latest one. It should work fine.

                      Actually, replacing the board to a refresh board is much better as you can use new 45 nm cpus. This is definitely a good advantage.


                      Consider if one day your system fails due to cpu problem, and you still have the non-refresh board, your option will be limited apart from getting an old 65nm cpu which will be probably out of the market.


                      Hope you appreciate my help.


                      Kind Regards,


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                        Hi Aryan,

                        thank you again for your answer and your hints.

                        Today, i ordered a S5000PALR. At the moment, I'm calling Intel-Support to verify that my chassis (SR2500ALBRP, PBA D43693-018, 3 System-Fans) is working with the refresh-board since I have to be sure about this. I can't risk to buy a new board and later get in Information "your chassis is to old, you must have Revision Dxxxxx-254 of SR2500 to get S5000PALR to work..." In this case, i have to find a new job...

                        Best regards,