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    GMA 3650 YouTube Showing Black Thumbnails


      i've just brought an Asus 1025C with Intel Atom N2800 with GMA 3650


      when i use IE9 to watch YouTube, the thumbnails on the right will show black thumbnails


      also when i scroll, the entire screen will lag


      this problem is solved when i use "enable software rendering" in IE9


      i felt cheated because Intel released a procesor without making sure its graphic driver was ready


      hope Intel release a new driver to increase the performance of the GMA 3650 on N2800


      disappointed, wonder how intel going to win ARM in the mobile computing war  

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          Hi there!


          Your feedback is important to Intel and I thank you for taking the time to communicate this issue.




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            hope you can come up with a driver to fix this issue


            i have subscribed to this thread, please post here when the new driver is ready


            thanks for responding

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              Igor Silva

              Good afternoon.


              It´s really sad this situation, I also buy an Asus Eee 1025C witn intel graphics, and I was suprised that the graphic driver dont even run the lowest game.


              The video rendering is a shame.


              How could a giant like intel, dont provide a full working driver for is hardware?


              Is this situation being solved?




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                the GPU is an PowerVR SGX 545, not made by intel


                i didn't buy it for gaming purpose but for web surfing and watching youtube


                unfortunately the GPU driver wasn't even ready for these simple task


                i used to DIY AMD rigs but decided to reduce my carbon footprint by using an Atom chip made by intel


                i have been disappointed by intel so far, will be looking at ARM core android tablet PC for my next PC purchase


                don't think they will do anything because they don't make much money from selling Atom chips


                they would rather spend their time on their i7 and windows 8 driver than to bother with us


                using "enable software rendering" in IE9 solves my problem but i hope they stop selling the Atom chips so as not to disappoint more people