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    DH77EB display output and serial port problems


      I recently set up DH77EB board with 3770 CPU and 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance 1600 MHz 1.5V RAM.

      Unfortunately the system has two serious issues:


      1. when starting up, the video seems to be directed to a random connector. With a monitor at DVI-D, I see on many occasions no image, just hear the BIOS startup sound. Sometimes in such cases the image can be found at DVI-I (analog). Defining the DVI-D as primary in BIOS does not change this.


      2. When an UPS is connected to the serial port, booting up is impossible. After many trials the BIOS setup can be reached, but instead of accessing boot device, the board just hangs. The serial connector has -13 V on pin 2 and +15 V on pin 9 (of 9-pin connector).


      I wonder if somebody can tell me if I have a defective board, or are we dealing with broken BIOS here?

      Upgrading BIOS from 0053 to 0071 made no difference other than rear fan speed.


      Thanks in advance,