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    DP67DE memory errors




      I'm having a hell of a time getting an i5-3550 system working. I had bought originally a Gigabyte motherboard that went into a reboot loop prior to POST after 1 successful boot. So I purchased a considerably more expensive Intel DP67DE , AA G10217-303 with the hope that would solve my issues.

      The board refuses to POST, instead delivering 3 error beeps indicating memory issues. I've tried now with 3 different sticks


      2 x Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G - with one of the sticks it doesn't even get to the errors just power cycles. The other delivers the 3 beeps. This is very close to the memory listed as "good"

      CMTL > Search > Tested Motherboard


      1 x Adata AD3U1333C4G9-S - This also gets me the 3 beeps


      All components were purchased new within the last 3 days, but where I'm at in Panama...it's too costly to bother with RMA. I'm out 200 bucks thus far on this build. help!


      p.s. could it be cpu?