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    DH67CL IGD with additional video card


      I have a project which needs a system that has 5 video displays, in the past we have gotten systems with the DH55HC board using the onboard IGD and an expansion PCI card.  The systems we have been shipped this time contain a DH67CL board.  However I cannot seem to get the configuration to work the way I want to.  For reference our project needs 1 User display (onboard in the past) and 4 touch screen test subject displays (the extra card).


      Updated to the latest BIOS (version 0155 as of 5/9/2012), went and set the IGD to "always enable", and tried just about every setting that makes sense on the video screen of the bios.  But whenever we get into windows (win7 x64) only the IGD OR the PCI video card are working as video output devices.


      The PCI card in question is a Geforce 8400GS chipset.


      I am baffled and quickly reaching the time vs cost curve of "find something else that works"


      One of my next things to try is putting a PCIx card in and seeing if this is the inverse of the DH55HC assuming I have a spare around.  My statement stems from putting the PCI-E card in the DH55HC always disabled the IGD regardless of bios settings, which seems to be the current case for the PCI card.



      Managed to find a PCI-E x16 card and I was getting both output devices. It only has a single video out but I am taking an assumption that a quad card will behave the same and leave the IGD enabled.  Delays the project for a few days to source a new card.


      Still very interested in solutions that can get the IGD working with a PCI graphics card.