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    MFSSYS25V2 and expansion JBOD setup

    Shawn Berg

      Well, I found a JBOD expansion chassis (24-300GB Intel SSDs) that will connect to my MFSSYS25V2 and have a few questions I need answers to that I am not finding in the documentation.


      We have two SCMs. The current drives all have their affinity set to SCM1 (had some issues with 2008R2, MPIO, and initially installing the OS to the CMs so I just removed SCM2, set affinity on all drives to SCM 1 and then all was well). Now, with the addition of the JBOD coming, am I going to want to run the JBOD unit off SCM1 with all the others or will I want to dedicate SCM2 to run the JBOD unit? The JBOD unit has a single controller.


      I have looked at the documentation concerning VTrack JBODS, but these have dual controllers. The JBOD coming is a single controller


      Many THANKS!