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    x520-sr2 jumbo_frames support

    Sungwoo Jo

      Dear Experts,

      I have 3 x520-sr2 on a server and assigned vm 6 VF (2ports x 3).

      I bonded 6 virtual nics into bond0. (bonding )

      But the result which is not my expect. Slow~

      So I googled website and found mtu is the key.

      I want to enable jumbo frames by 'infconfig bond0 mtu 9000'.

      but error ocurr.

      "SIOCSIFMTU: Invalid argument"

      I thinks can't over mtu 1500.


      How enable jumbo_frames?


      Sorry my poor english...

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          Thanks for visiting our forum and using The Intel X520 Ethernet adaptors.  Unfortunately the X520 does not support Jumbo Frames when using SR-IOV.


          I am putting the finishing touches on a white paper (which I will publish here) on bonding with SR-IOV, should be available in a couple more weeks.


          If  you explain how you have the bonding setup, and what you are trying to accomplish, we may be able to offer some advice.





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