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    hd 4000 terribly slow




      I've just upgraded my processor from i5 2500k to i5 3570k.

      The system runs on a Gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3 (sandy bridge chipset) with most recent firmware (f12) and 4x4GB RAM.

      BIOS settings are defaults, no overclocking.


      With the old processor, I was able to play Assassins Creed 2 in 1920x1080 with medium graphics quality at reasonable frame rate.

      After the upgrade, I'm not even able to get through the menu in the lowest graphic resolution and quality.

      Furmark returns 80 points (1fps) for the 1080p test. This is totally unacceptable.


      I am using a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit SP1 with all recent updates done.

      Chipset drivers are the most recent ones from the gigabyte website.


      As VGA driver, I have tried the following ones:

      - (provided by gigabyte)

      - (provided by intel)


      The GPU stress test of the intel extreme tuning utility fails after approx. 10s for the 2nd driver version. For the 1st one, it's okay.

      There is no notable difference in performance.


      I cannot really believe that the drivers are that bad.

      Has anybody an idea what could be wrong here? I've really no idea what to try next.




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          Have you checked if your HD4000 runs with 1150 Mhz in Assassins Creed? In some games like Gothic 1/2 or Half-Life 2 it runs only with ~650 Mhz due to some Bug. You should try driver build

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            Thanks for you quick answer. I tried build (Any idea why this one is not provided by intel directly?) Unfortunately, it's not much better. Furmark says 113points (the hd 3000 had around 1500) and the cinebench score is 0.9.


            ETU's GPU stress test fails again after 10s for this driver version. It also reports a constant rate of 653MHz for the GPU. I guess, that's the bug you mentioned. So this might be the issue but how can I fix it?

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              What Furmark version are you using? I will test it on my system to see how it compares to my 3570K. What OpenGL score in Cinebench 11.5 do you get? You should get 21-22 points.

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                Funmark is 1.10.1 with score 113 (1-2fps) in the 1080p test

                Cinebench is 10.5 with OpenGL score 0.9




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                  Furmark 1.10.1 720p Benchmark= 487 points/8 FPS avg

                  Cinebench R10 64Bit OpenGL Benchmark= 7305 CB-GFX



                  I can't test Furmark in 1080p on my monitor, but you can do in 720p and compare this with my score.

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                    Furmark 1.10.1 720p Benchmark= 134 points/2 FPS avg

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                      Furmark 1.10.1 720p= 437 points/7 fps avg



                      With the same driver I get a 3x better result. Can you log to file the GPU frequency with gpu-z while running Furmark? On my system the HD4000 clocks with 1150 Mhz while running Furmark. Your Furmark result is way too slow for some reason.

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                        I think, I'm going to try your driver.

                        However, it looks like this one is only for Win8.

                        Do you know how I can use it in Win7?


                        Also, where can I find the Furmark log file?

                        I enabled the log function but cannot find it.

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                 is a Windows 7 driver. You probably refer to or What Furmark log? You need gpu-z in order to log the GPU frequency. Just tick/untick the log to file option.

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                            Try reinstalling the driver, first uninstalling the old one. Such performance differences are beyond clocking issues. Even if its running at 350MHz, that's only 3x difference in performance at maximum. Some part of the installation must be seriously wrong with your system. It's like drivers are not being used at all.


                            Run some benchmarks to see its running properly at least. Memory bandwidth, CPU clocks, whatever it may be.

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                              Here are the geekbench scores for the system:

                              Win7 64 (32 bit benchmark)


                              Mac OSX 10.7.4 (32 bit benchmark)


                              Mac OSX 10.7.4 (64 bit benchmark)



                              On OSX, the results are significantly better but I think the Win7 score is still okay.

                              There is no official driver for the HD4000 under Mac OSX (it will be included in the next update), so there is no hardware acceleration and thus I cannot test OpenGL performance yet.


                              So the problem seems to be related only to graphics.

                              I have 2 theories:

                              a) it is the driver.

                              So far I have tested these without succes (I always uninstalled the previous driver)

                              - (provided by gigabyte, the only one where the ETU GPU stress test does not fail)




                              For the last one Furmark 1.10.1 1080p score is 113 (1fps) - thats the best so far.

                              GPU-Z tells me the core clock went up to 1150Hz so its not a clocking problem.

                              What puzzles me is that the load only goes up to 50 percent.

                              Any ideas what else to try?


                              b) it is the board.

                              As I told, the board has a sandy bridge chipset.

                              Gigabyte says, it supports Ivy Bridge processor, but maybe it does not support the on-chip GPU properly.

                              I have contacted there support to check this but have not got any answer yet.

                              Has anybody here some experience with Ivy Bridge graphics on z68 chipsets?




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                                If the other guys are outperforming you(Yups is one) then its not really the driver's fault.


                                -3DMark for general GPU performance test

                                -Cinebench R11.5 for CPU performance test

                                -Sisoftware Sandra for synthetic performance test

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                                  Try 3dmark Vantage performance preset, if you don't get something around 4000 points then there is most likely something broken. The 50 percent load indicator is strange, should be around 100% if your GPU runs with 1150 Mhz.

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                                    im an old intel user since pentium 133 till now intel 3570k ! ( just experienced 3 years amd garbage phenomenon ) !


                                    now ! i got a problem ! while gaming system get shuting down then rework and comes up ! ( hard reset i think )


                                    also im one the nvidia members ! and explain my problem in vn forums ! but no answer !


                                    i just let intel identify my pc and give me this core (  0120 1012   ) !


                                    explore my pc!


                                    ok ! the questions !


                                    how i can test intel hd 4000 igpu in 3dmark ? when i got gtx580 dedicated card ?

                                    why gpu-z shows 666mhz clock for intel hd 4000 ? no 1150 !!!!!!!!


                                    when i run marsbenchmark and choose cpu for physx proccess in nvidia control panel , after 10 sec runing marsbenchmark system shuting down ( all fans and led and everything turn of ) then turning on and comeback to os !


                                    its means cpu cant handle physx ???

                                    and im sure about cpu overheating and gpu !


                                    is it conflict between igpu and dedicated graphic card ?

                                    is it about igu not compatible with those games ! ( battlefield3 - saintrow third and randomly in others ) !



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