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    Increasing the core multiplier on DH77KC


      I have an application where I need some more power, so I deceided to overclock my 3570K CPU slightly.


      I know a H77 board isn't the best tool for it but anyway. My problem is that while it allows me to change to core multiplier to up to 50 it actually doesn't do anything - the change is listed under the "proposed" tab, but will never go to the active tab. All I can do is lower the multiplier - this will be taken over. Also I am using the latest BIOS rev - the change notes state that this setting didn't worked at all in previous revs (hard to understand how such a bug can get into the release BIOS but well it says it was fixed now).


      So is this the intended behavior? AFAIK Intel states that Ivy Bridge K CPUs can be overclocked on this board. Also if they don't allow t incease the multiplier, why have it as a setting at all and put it into the "Proposed" tab? Am I missing something?


      Thanks for any replies