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    HD4000: dvi problems with 1920x1200 on a LG L245WP




      i have a LG L245WP monitor and used it for several years without any problem on ati graphic cards via dvi port - directly or with a digitus ds-11802-1 kvm-switch. now i would like to use the ivy bridge hd4000 graphic, but i got problems...


      the hd4000 graphics seems not to be able to support a signal quality, which is suffizient for the full 1920x1200 @ 60Hz resolution.

      if i boot and go into the uefi bios setup, the monitor shows only a part of the expected screen. the left and top margins of the image are missing. i have the same problem after booting into windows. if i reduce the resolution to 1680x1050 i got a black screen. i have no problems with very low-end resolutions like 1280x800. in 1280x800 only some horizontally lines popup if i move a window fastly with my mouse...

      i installed the lg .inf monitor driver, but the intel graphic controll center still detects my l245wp tft as tv.. ?


      the situations gets better, if i use my digitus ds-11802-1 kvm-switch between the mb dvi port and my tft. now the screen image is correct, but some snow appears in some areas of the picture. this problem is gone, if i reduce the resolution or the frequency via creation of a custom resolution. 1920x1200 @ 50 Hz is working in this mode. sadly the monitor makes some dimming noise in that mode...


      so it seems, that the hd4000 isn't able to support a signal quality good enough for my tft...? i haven't expected that i must buy a new tft for hd4000 graphics! is that a common problem with 1920x1200 dvi single link? in ati graphics control center i had options for reducing the dvi frequency and using an alternate mode, but this was not necessary. now i miss such options in the intel graphic control.


      i have the following system:

      Asus P8Z77-M

      Intel 3570K

      8 GB DDR3-1600 RAM


      LG L245WP Monitor with a native resolution of 1920x1200 @ 60Hz

      monitor has vga and hdmi input. it was and is equiped with a dvi to hdmi display cable.


      Win7 64 bit (and Ubuntu 12.04, the same problems..)


      I use the latest bios and intel drivers (graphic driver V815102669) from the asus website. the graphic driver seems to be newer than that one from intel download center.