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    No more WOL with Intel EXPI9301 - why?




      I've been using this Intel Gigabit PCIe adapter for some time now. At a certain point of time the Wake on Lan stopped working with this adapter.


      Using Windows 7 x64 SP1 I was capable of waking up the system from Hibernation and also from Power Off. The necessary settings were done in the Energy tab of the device manager and Wake Up by PCIe devices was enabled in BIOS.


      BIOS wasn't changed since it has stopped working and I cannot find an explanation. I can only see that the link LED on the switch for this PC now goes OFF although it should stay ON when WOL from Power Off is working.


      I've been installing drivers back & forth with the device manager enhancement from the Intel driver package and also without it - no change. Today again tried latest drivers 17.1 from May 2012. No changes!


      Is there any hint on how to solve this? Any registry part I could clean? As the hardware side (BIOS, slot in which the card is plugged in etc.) wasn't changed this must be a software problem.


      Activation by Magic Packet and Activation from Power Off are switched ON.


      Thanks for help!!!

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          Yesterday I solved the problem.


          First I uninstalled the Intel adapter in Device Manager using the option to also delete the drivers.


          Then I went into registry and found 2 different entries for the adapter under:

          HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E972-E325-11CE- BFC1-08002bE10318}


          There are different registry key branches each representing the network adapters. I removed everything Intel (VEN_8086) by deleting the appropriate key branches.


          After a reboot I reinstalled driver software 17.1 including the additional device manager tabs from Intel ProSet.


          I de-activated power saving in standby and enabled WOL from standby and WOL from power off.


          After that the following happened: when shutting down the PC the green link LED on the switch representing 1000 MBit/s went off for a short period and then came back in orange (100 Mbit/s). Now the PC is ready for WOL again!