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    Intel GMA 3600

    Joao Leitao


      I have bought an Mini-ITX with an ATOM D2500 and GMA 3600, to install in a costumer.

      First, installed Windows XP, and awesome...no drivers....FAIL.

      So you forced me to buy an Windows 7 license for the costumer because you only support windows 7 32bit.

      I install windows 7 everything installed and working nicely and now everytime i open Internet Explorer with Flash or some kind of animation i get some graphic driver issues that make the screen corrupt itself? i start seeing parts of the screen appear on the other side, making the PC unusable until Internet Explorer is closed.

      Other BROWSER is now acceptable because the costumer needs INTERNET EXPLORER for the Bank accounts web pages.


      I have been an Intel user for about 7 years due to your good stability versus AMD, but this is unaceptable.


      You make me update Operating System because you only support Win 7 and then cant even get your grip together?


      Make a fix or give me the money back! and the license money i spent, and the time i lost, and the time the costumer lost!

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          It's the same issues all GMA 3600/3650 owners are having at the moment, the drivers are at best hobbled/crippled and at worst almost unusable.


          Even basic 2D acceleration is broken and poor compared to GMA 3150 even, let alone 3D :-


          Cedar Trail Platform: Intel D2500HN and Intel DN2800MT Mainboards Review. Page 6 - X-bit labs


          It's the Henry Ford of chipsets at the moment, you can run any OS you want, just as long as it's Windows 7 32bit (and don't mind it being a juddery/broken mess)... Windows 8 is still unsupported and Linux support is like the first rule of fight club, they just won't talk about it!




          ...and if you're extremely lucky to have a BIOS on a 3rd party board that enables the 64bit flag, you may even have a chance of installing a headless server OS on it, woohoo!


          But yes, pain shared indeed...

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            Joao Leitao

            and i'm the one that's getting burned with the costumer because Intel does not make its homework.

            Trying not to have to buy another board to install there, cause that will mean more PC downtime the costumer EVEN more angry and me loosing money!

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              To try and solve the problem with IE in the short term though, have you tried enabling the software rendering in the advanced options?, that might help.


              Also switch to a Basic theme instead of an Aero one (or just disable Aero in System Properties/Performance), which will speed up the desktop performance somewhat as the GPU simply can't handle it yet (if ever, it makes you wonder...)

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                Joao Leitao

                the problem is that my costumer has a software that probably relies in the same stuff Internet explorer, corrupting the whole screen when he is working!....

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                  M. S. Rajamanickam

                  I have recently purchased Acer Aspire one D 270 with Atom N 2600 (Cedar Trail) processor. It works fine in Windows 7. But When I tried install XP I asks for Driver GMA 3600. I understand that it will be available in August 2012. I am anxiously awaiting