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    Do I use BIOS or UEFI to Install Win 7 on an 8TB RAID Array?




      I have an Asus P8Z77-V Pro. I have five 2TB disks connected to the Z77 SATA ports. I have them configured in a RAID5 array. This yields 8 TB usable.


      I want to install Windows 7 to this disk. I want to have a single C drive with ~8TB usable.


      Any time I boot in UEFI, I can't see the RAID disk. Is that normal/expected?


      If I boot BIOS and I load the Intel storage drivers during install, the Windows 7 setup will see the RAID array and install to it, but it labels the array with MBR (not GPT) and therefore won't allow a C drive over 2TB.


      How do I get Windows 7 to install using GPT to the full 8TB partition?