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    How do I determine my chipset driver version in Win 7?


      Hello all, I have a Asus P7P55 lx board and a 2 drive raid 0 setup. I also just got a SSD and after doing some reading, found out that to be able to pass the TRIM command onto the SSD I need a current driver. SOOoooo... is it as simple as the driver tab in Device Manager? It says I have version but I need ver. 9.?? correct? Also, how exactly would I do an update? Tried just clicking the update driver button but windows say's I'm up to date.


      One last quick question,

      Will my raid stay intact if I update the driver?


      Thanks for any help at all! I know just enough to be careful (or dangerous ) but would definitely be considered a noob compared to most people here.


      If more information is needed just let me know what that is and I'll post it asap.