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    Turbo Boost Monitor Not Showing Actual Processor Frequency


      Hi, I have an I7-990x CPU that has been "tuned" by the Extreme Tuning Utility to run at 4.27 Ghz.  I am also using the Turbo Boost Monitor, v2.6, and the gadget shows a maximum of 3.86 GHZ as the boost frequency even though the actual frequency, 4.13 Ghz, is higher as indicated by the Extreme Tuning Utility.


      Does anyone know why the monitor software does not show the correct frequency but is topped out at 3.86Ghz ?

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          Keep in mind that the Intel Extreme Tuning utility will basically allows the processor to run at 4.27 GHz when the operating system determines that it is required to run at that speed, and if you have the Intel Turbo Boots technology enabled in the BIOS, the processor will not go above maximum turbo boost speed that it is 3.73 GHz almost 3.8 GHz.

          So if you really want to over-clock the processor above 3.73 GHz, you might want to try going into the BIOS and disabling the turbo boots feature. Keep in mind that Intel does not recommend over-clocking the processor above turbo boost speed since it will force the processor to run out of specifications.

          Also you might want to disable the Enhance Intel SpeedStep® Technology, since this feature will force the processor to run at a slower speed in order to save power consumption.