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    WOL DB65AL




      I have the Intel DB65AL Desktop-Board. All works fine, including Wake-On-Lan most of the time. But one thing is curious: When I send them more than one Magic-Packet (Wake-On-Lan), the PC will don't boot up and hangs. When I press the Reset- or Power-Button there is the same situation, until I put the power-cable out. After a few seconds I can put the power-cable in and all is fine (except multiple wol-packets). An other user told it seems to be effected after 6 seconds (see here: WHS 2011 / LO hängt bei Reboot aus Ruhezustand - Hilfe zu Lights-Out unter WHS 2011 • Homeserver Forum - sorry, is german).


      So I think there is a problem with the start of the network device. Can anybody help or is there a bugfix report, where I can wrote to? Because the Hotline didn't help me.