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    DH77EB - Any resolution for PCIe-recognition problem?


      I have a new DH77EB-Board and one PCIe-Card, a TechnoTrend TT-Premium S2-6400 TWIN HD. It's for use with vdr as an SAT-Receiver. The problem is that the board dosen't recognize the PCIe-card. In another board the card ist recognized and the drivers works correctly with the card. Another PCIe-Card, an Adaptec SCSI-controler, will be recognized in the DH77EB. Result is: The Board and the PCIe-Card are allright, but don't work together.


      I have tested the three avaible BIOS-Versions 53, 62 and 71 - but no change in recognition. I have changed the power supply - no change. I have tested all PCIe-slots - no change.


      For testing I'd like to change the PCIe-settings - but where? Other Board allow to change the PCIe-settings. At first I thougt that I don't need those things because Intel is one of the inventor of PCIe. I had an live-chat with Intel ... the result was: That can be ... ,jxyn<djkshklhdflksajhd.


      Has anybody a new BIOS-Version? Or any idea for tuning the PCIe-timing?

      An contact to an Intel-developer could help because there is no way to contact.

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          Not surprising the number of report case of PCIe TV tuner not working is rising. I had used tons of Intel motherboard before and trust me this 7 series is really one of the most problematic I had ever seen. Consider TV card is rarely use perhaps out of 2000 pc owner maybe 1 or 2 person will own a PCIe tv tuner card. 5 person reporting in Intel forum is consider a very serious issue and I can almost conclude that maybe near to 80% of PCIe TV tuner card may had serious compatibilty issue with this 7 series motherboard.

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            Unfortunately I have run into same issue with my new HTPC system.


            The new motheboard DH77EB (bios ver. 0089) does not recognise my tv tunner PCTV Dual Hybrid Pro PCIe 3010iX. Please note that the card has been tested in two other systems (socket 775 mob) with success.


            I am now spreading the word to all my mates to avoid these new Intel motherboards.bios_ver.pngusb_driver_issue.PNG

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              I have the same issue with a TechnoTrend TT-connect S2-4100.

              I have testes BIOS Versions 53, 89 and 93.

              It seems lite the ITX Series7 Mainboard have the same Issue.

              A card that should run with this Board is Digital Devices V6

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                Yesterday i got an answer from Technotrend; their card is an PCIe 1.0 Card and the Mainboard have PCIe 2.0 Slots. In Order to detect the Card correctly the Board have to set the PCIe Mode to 1.0, but it doesn't.

                They also say that other Manufacturers fixed the same Bug with an BIOS Update.


                Today i found a RelNotes from one Asrock Board B75M:

                L1.48A9/28/2012Instant Flash4.74MBImprove PCIe Gen 1 card compatibility.

                Seems that all Manufacturers have this Problem, but the others try to fix it.

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                  Anders Pedersen

                  The latest BIOS for DH77DF (mini-ITX) has "Fixed issue where PCIe x1 TV tuner card does not work" according to the release notes at http://downloadmirror.intel.com/22013/eng/KC_0102_ReleaseNotes.pdf . Hopefully this fix will also make it to the DH77EB BIOS. I was about to buy one for a new HTPC, but am currently waiting for this issue to be resolved.

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                    Now we also have a fix for the DH77EB Bios

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                      Even the latest BIOS (Version 0099) is not working well.

                      My TT-Budget S2-4100 is now (since this update) being recognized, but the capabilities looks totaly weird.


                      >lspci -vvv -xxx -s 03:00.0


                      !!!Unknown header type 7f

                      and the whole dump is only FF

                      This means, that propagating this device to a DOMU (Xen 4.1.3) fails:

                      "Error: Looped capability chain:"

                      As a result, it is still not possible to use this card in a virtual machine.

                      Same card works well on an ASUS P8 H61-M LX R2.0 Board. Unfortunately this Board do not support VT-d and propagating of PCI-Devices is only possible to paravirtualized systems, which not works for guests like Windows.

                      When will Intel fix this issue seriously?

                      As far as I recognized, that Intel will not longer produce mainboards (except for server), it seems to me, that they do not have interests in supporting their desktop mainboards anymore. And as their reputation for this kind of mainboards is (since series 7) the worst ever, this behaviour may become reasonable, somehow.


                      Does anybody have a good advice for a not so expensive mainboard (non Intel), which supports

                      a) Ivy Bridge

                      b) TV-Sat-Cards

                      c) VT-d



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                        Do you also have Problems without using Xen? On my HTPC Machine with Ubuntu 12.04 with various Kernel Versions i doesn't have the PCIe Problems anymore.