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    Flickering graphics with Lord of the Rings Online using HD Graphics 4000 (i7-3770k)


      Hey guys,


      Perhaps someone can help me out?  I just purchased the i7-3770k and I'm using the HD Graphics 4000 with the latest drivers ( for my Windows 7 64-bit PC I built.  The problem I'm running into is that I'm playing Lord of the Rings Online in a windowed mode, and the graphics are constantly flickering.  This does not affect anything outside of the game window, so I suspect it's something game related.  The graphics settings are set to:


      Screen Resolution: 1280x720

      Antialiasing: Disabled

      Sync to Refresh Rate: Enabled (60hz)

      All the other advanced settings are either Medium or Low.


      Also, I have used a dedicated graphics card in this computer before, and it was flawless.


      Any ideas?  Thanks.