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    DZ77BH-55K and variable boot speed




      I am running the DZ77BH-55K mobo with BIOS 0057. I have Win 7 pro and 256GB SSD for the boot drive. I notice variable boot behavior.


      Strangely in the morning after the machine has been off all night, the first boot seems to take a very long time from power on to the Intel splash screen. Then the boot from the splash screen to full boot is only 15 seconds. During this "first" boot to the splash screen the machine sometimes sounds like it is stopping down and then starting up again during this prolonged time.


      If I then shut down and start back up again (full shut down not reboot), the boot time to the splash screen is very short.


      What could be causing this odd behavior and any thoughts on how to correct it?


      Thanks for any help.