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    Intel HD Graphics 2000 - 'Output To' option disappearing




      I know there are a lot of topics on this kind of thing, but none of them sound exactly like my problem...


      I have my PC connected to my TV via a DVI to HDMI lead (DVI in my PC and HDMI in my TV). What I'm trying to do, is find a consistent method to clone the display on my TV at 1280x720 when the TV is switched on and set to the PC HDMI channel, but otherwise, I want to use 1600x900 on my monitor. I don't mind if this is automatic, or I have to take some action each time I want to do this, but am just looking for some consistent action to take.


      Sometimes, I can simply change the TV to the PC HDMI channel, and the resolution will change to 1280x720 and the display will be cloned (great). Other times, it doesn't happen automatically, and I have to do 'Graphics Options / Output To / Clone Displays / Monitor + Digital Television' and also change resolution, then it works (ok). Other times still, I go to 'Graphics Options' but the 'Output To' option has disappeared and I have to reboot, even though when I switched the TV on it briefly changed to 1280x720 then back to 1600x900 - it just seems totally random.


      Is there some procedure that you have to follow, e.g. always un-clone the display when you've finished using the TV, then re-clone it next time you want to use the TV? Should you always switch the TV on before/after booting up? Any ideas?