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    S5520HC Question

    Richard Troiano



      I had a question about a connector on the Intel S5520HC motherboard.  I am thinking about using this motherboard in a server and noticed something in the documentation ( http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/s5520hc/sb/e39529013_s5520hc_s5500hcv_s5520hct_tps_r19.pdf ) that struck me as odd.


      There are 2, 8 Pin connectors on this motherboard.   The technical product specification (see page 6, 7.  callout P and M) says that the connectors are


      M - Power Connector for Processor 1 and Memory attached to Processor 1

      P - Power Connector for Processor 2 and Memory attached to Processor 2


      Can someone suggest a good server power supply with two 8pin 12V connectors?  The technical product specification says that the connectors are Two SSI-compliant 2x4 pin power connectors, but when I google SSI Compliant all i get as results are motherboards with those types of connectors or stuff abotu social security (due to SSI being in the search term)..









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          You may take a look at the Tested chassis list. All the chassis in the list should include a power supply meeting the requirement.

          You may also find spare Intel power supplies in the Spares, parts list and configuration guide.

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            P.J. Timmer

            Hello Richard,


            I have had the same question for my sc5520 mainboard.

            I found out that you will need at least a 570Watt PSU.

            What I have done is I bought a original Intel server case. SC5600Base.

            This one comes with a 670W psu and is compatible with tha mainboard you describe. So 2 CPU power connectors are availble. I 'll think if you are looking for a power supply with 2 cpu power connectors that it wil cost you a lot of money. Also be awera that the PSU must be stable and be able to provide the amount of current at all time at all line's so check the specs. and compare them with the PSU of teh Intel power supplies.