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    SCCM 07 OOB Issue (Power Commands)

    Craig Griffin

      Hi All,

      I have a SCCM 07 SP2 R2 Environment sitting on Server 2003.  Our Primary Site Server is also the oob point.  About 4weeks ago the wake up and power on commands using Vpro stopped working.  I can browse to the WebUI of provisioned machines and issue power commands from that, but right-clicking a computer and selecting Power On does not work.  This lead me to believe it was a TLS Authentication issue.  From what I understand the WebUI uses Kerberos and the console uses our own internal Cert to authenticate.

      I have checked our CA Server and all the clients have current certificates issued to their respective fqdn.  AD permissions are all correct.  I recreated the AMT web certificate template using the Step by Step instructions from Microsoft and still no dice.  Looking for any help or assistance on what would cause this to just randomly stop functioning.

      We had a few IIS issues about a month ago where 1 of the app pools was set to a different .net version (My guess is 1 of our admins was messing with it) but that is fixed.  Is there anything else that would cause the Power on commands to just stop working?

      Thanks and really appreciate it!


      oobconsole.log - 6][5/30/2012 8:25:25 AM] :GetAMTPowerState fail with result:0x8033810F


      amtopmgr.log - AMT Operation Worker: AMT machine MK19267.domain.int can't be waken up. Error code: 0x8033810F SMS_AMT_OPERATION_MANAGER