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    DZ77GA-70K - problems


      I bought DZ77GA-70K, i7-3770K and Kingston Hyperx DDR3 2400MHz CL11 4Gx2 last Friday to have an upgrade from my existing Gigabyte mb, Core2Duo 3.16GHz and DDR3 1333 CL7 4Gx2.


      After assembling the new hardware and testing for 1 week, there are still some problems not yet solved as follows:


      1. RAM - if simply select XMP without changing other settings, can at most set at 2133MHz for a stable system, cannot set at XMP 2400 otherwise cannot boot up.


      2. TV card (PCIex1, using it all along) - not populated as checked in BIOS, same if inserted in other PCIe slots, so cannot install driver nor application to watch TV.


      3. Cd come with mb - Intel Express Installer says "This language is not supported through EI auto installation, please install manually from \Software\Drivers\...". Not encountered this before for other mb brands.  Note : my os is Win7 64 Home Premium Hong Kong box version.


      4. Game - Lineage2 setting of “keyboard security” cannot be enabled under Win7 64 (could do it previously when using Gigabyte mb with same os).


      The above problems still persist after flashing BIOS to 39 and Windows updates all done.


      Does anyone know how to solve the above problems ?  Thanks.

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          1) The supported maximum official speed is 1600Mhz, so anything else is over clocking so there are no guarantees.  In most cases the higher Mhz doesn't really gain you that much as the latency just increases, or you need to increase it in order to get a stable system.  I'd recommend setting to 1600Mhz (which is a good sweet spot) so having a stable system with the DRAM having lower latency.


          2) Can't help here.


          3) I never use the supplied driver CD, they are always out of date.  Much better to download all the latest driver and software from Intels download page for your motherboard.  I did this and had no issues installing drivers.  Perhaps the CD installer was regional for Hong Kong area so wouldn't work on your UI and culture settings?


          4) Don't use it so not sure what the issue might be there, sorry.





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