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    Audio skipping and popping using WiDi, inconsistent video speeds




      I've been reading about some other people with WiDi performance issues.  I am currently using an HP Pavilion DV7-7000 series with an Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor, an nVidia GT650m GPU (Optimus works great), Intel Wireless-N 2230 (2x2 2.4ghz only, Bluetooth 4).  ProSet Wireless drivers are up to date at version 15.1.1, using the latest WiDi drivers, and a Belkin Screencast with updated firmware.  I am connecting to a Linksys E4200 Router on the 2.4ghz band, Channel 6, with speeds ranging between 34 and 90 Mbps, with a signal at about -65dB (determined using inSSIDer).  I have a neighbor with wifi broadcasting on Channel 1 at about the same signal strength.  The connection speed with the Belkin Screencast appears to be between 54 and 144 Mbps, but I can't see it using inSSIDer so I don't know what the signal strength is.


      I only received the Screencast yesterday, so I admit I have not done a great deal of testing yet.  The first application I thought of was using Pandora to listen to internet radio, and I noticed occasional audio pops or skips (but otherwise clear sound from the TV) which I have do not hear with WiDi disconnected.  I also tried playing a DVD to see if the problem was related to using the network, and noticed that this time, although the audio seemed to be fine, the video was not exactly skipping, but it seemed like the framerate of the video varied.  Again, the video is very smooth without WiDi enabled.


      I noticed solutions on this board to check for interference and change the Intel Wireless PAN profile channel using the Intel My WiFi Technology application, however this software appears to have changed significantly in the latest versions of Intel ProSet (15.1.1), and I can't locate an Intel Wireless PAN profile.  I can only see my profile for connecting to my Wireless LAN, and I can't generate any non-infrastructure profile to make up an appropriate PAN profile.


      My question is really - what is causing these performance issues, and can they be fixed?  Does the WiDi connection to the Belkin use the same wifi channel as the connection to my router, or a different channel that can be configured? Finally, is there any way to increase bandwidth / improve video quality over WiDi? It seems like it uses a low percentage of the available bandwidth of the WiFi connection as it is, it seems like the bandwidth could double and it would look even better.


      I'm strongly considering returning this Belkin Screencast and spending a little more money for a Brite-View HDelight, which would work on any HDMI enabled laptop, at the expense of having a short cable and box plugged in to the laptop and 60 more dollars.  I would love it if my performance issues could be fixed.


      Thank you,