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    Software monitoring RAID system status


      We  have many computers (more than 50 PCs) running on RAID-1 and we would like to monitor RAID system status.

      We don't want to use GUI applications to RAID array monitoring,  what is needed is an automated way of accessing the status information.

      Our Environment is
      - Win7 64 bits
      - AIMB 781 Mother Board
      - Core i5 CPU.
      - RST V10.0.0.1046.
      - RAID1 configuration : Disks 0 and 1 are mirror set.


      I tried using RAIDCfg32 and parse the output from program to check for faults on the raid system.
      But the output of RAIDCfg32 doesn't give complete raid system status in all case :
      Ex : before remove the informations are complete :
        >RAIDCFG32.exe /stv
        >RAIDCFG32.exe /std
         0,"ST500NM0011","Z1M058DS","SN02   ",0,"Normal",976773168,5511,"ArrayMember"
         1,"ST500NM0011","Z1M051J4","SN02   ",0,"Normal",976773168,5511,"ArrayMember"

           when we remove disk on port 1  the same command give us : 
        >RAIDCFG32.exe /stv

        >RAIDCFG32.exe /std

         We lost informations of Disk on port 0...

      How we can get complete information on raid system in this case ?

      In the other way, it seems that ISDI library could be use to monitor RAID system.
      Could we use ISDI  ? Can you supply us ISDI documention (user manual... ) ?


      Thanks for your hellp.