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    How to save the Audit logs to the AD datastore or txt log files on a file  server / share?


      Hi vpro Experts,


      Now that I got the AMT Audit logging enabled with the Auditor user in place. I am able to pull up the logs on the console and also able to extract them in csv or txt files. However I need your help in going a step further whereby I can integrate and sync the Audit logs with the Active Directory in my environment. Is there a way to extract all the audit logs to be saved in the Active Directory within the respective data store or AD objects? Please help me with either a PS script that could extract the audit logs into respective data stores in a DB server or setup an environment where the respective audit logs for respective vPro clients automatically update / append their respective txt log files on a file server say



      \\vproserver\vpro\vproLogs\client3_log.txt? and so on






      Thanks in advance.