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    DP55KG Bluetooth not working


      Win 7, 64-bit OS.  Latest BIOS update installed dated July 2011, Ver. 5936.  No bluetooth listed in Device Manager.  Bluetooth is shown as Enabled in BIOS.  Antenna is connected to mobo.  Please help resolve.

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          Our recommendation in this case is looking for a third party software application that offers Bluetooth* support. This application should bring the controller and software to manage it.


          You can also test installing the following drivers; they should work on your motherboard:



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            While the Bluetooth driver installed correctly and shows up in the Device Manager as CSR Bluetooth device, the other Motorola software including the following described in the install readme were not installed per below:


            "After installation wizard has completed and all necessary files are copied to the system, Motorola Bluetooth Tray icon is shown in System Tray and My Bluetooth icon is placed to the desktop."


            If I look under My Computer the My Bluetooth system folder is found with the notice that the attached Bluetooth dongle is not supported.  Windows Bluetooth File transfer still shows no Bluetooth radio device found.


            Please advise.  I have tried other Bluetooth software, including Broadcom, but they do not find the CSR Bluetooth device driver and say no Bluetooth device is found.


            This is an Intel hardware and software issue.  Please provide the necessary drivers and software to operate Bluetooth on the DP55KG with the new BIOS.

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              I'm running into the same problem. I don't see any driver listed in the programs area either. Device manager says it is working though. I want to say the driver download section offered a Bluetooth driver at one time, but now there is nothing listed for drivers and my Intel DP55SB board. I have a BT keyboard that quit working, and thought I'd update the driver but where should I go?