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    System stops responding

    Robert O'Neal


      I am having a problem with my computer and hope I have narrowed it down to either a bad motherboard or processor. The motherboard is a gigabyte GA Z68X-UD3h-B3 and the processor is an I5 2500K. I have 8GB of ram and have the problem with both my video cards in and when using onboard video with vid cards out. I have recently installed a 60GB SSD (OCZ agility 3) as a cache and it is working fine. My computer boots fast and I can surf and/or play games for around 1 hour, then it starts to slow down and eventually stops responding. The core temps during the intel app tests  which also work for about an hour, are core 1=40-44 C, core 2= 40-50C, core 3=40-49C and core 4=40-50C. These are well within norm, but core 1 seems to have lower temps thru the entire test. I have tested processor, memory and graphics with the same temps resulting.

      Is there any way to find out which one is at fault? I do not have another computer available to swap components.