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    Release new BiOS for DX58SO

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          Anyone take the plunge yet to Bios version 5599 released 5/29/12 on a DX58SO board? Did it mess up more than it fixed or did we get lucky and get a stable update? Share your experiences for the rest of us late adopters!

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            I'm scared to flash bios to my dx58so at the moment.

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              I downloaded it and installed it via the windows .exe install. Its running fine for me and haven't noticed anything bad about it.


              I stressed my system overnight and no problems. Everything seems good to me.

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                I flashed my system up last Thursday - 6/14. After doing so started getting randon BSD. They have happened all weekend. I dropped back to the 5561 Bios version this morning and so far no lockup's. The BSD error read "MEMORY MANAGEMENT" - nothing in the system log to go off of. Haven't spent more than 10 minutes on the issue, I figured I would just retrace my steps and take the update off and go back a version as this was the only change I had made in a while. Wanted to make sure everyone was aware there seem to be issues.


                Here is my config, I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64, i7 920 2.70GHz and 16 Gig Ram.

                Good Luck

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                  Updated the bios to version 5599 and haven't noticed anything different with reference to some sort of improvement, but also had no new problems with this update!


                  Good luck!