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    H67 Express Chipset Question


      I've spent the past 45 minutes trying to figure out if the H67 Express is part of the H67 recall, but have not had any success.  Anyone that can help with this I'd be greatly appreciative.  I got a Gateway DX4860 this last February that has the H67 Express chipset, so I'm concerned that the machine might be affected by the SATA glitch.  Thank you for reading l

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          Robert - Is this what you are referring to? http://communities.intel.com/thread/19466?wapkw=h67+recall  Regards. Peter

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            Thanks for the reply.  I was actually trying to find out more about my chipset and its integrated graphics when I came across a "Recall" next to the H67 chipset on this page on wikipedia

            List of Intel chipsets - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

            I'm just concerned as to whether the machine is affected or not, as I could find no specific information regarding the H67 "Express", which is what the Gateway website claims the chipset to be, despite the fact that it's not on the list from wikipedia.

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              I tried the utility.  I only have two drives connected to the machine, a 1 TB HD and DVD-RW drive.


              The output from the utility is as follows:


              SATA3 Port0: Device conncected (I believe this is the HD)

              SATA3 Port1: No Device

              SATA2 Port2: No Device

              SATA2 Port3: No Device

              SATA2 Port4: Device Conncected (I believe this is the DVD-RW)

              SATA2 Port5: No Device


              SATA Configuration OK !


              While I don't foresee putting any additional drives in the near future, I'm uncertain if this will always be the case.  1 TB is a lot of hard disk space, but, in six or eight years I'm sure it will be quaintly small.  Also, I am unsure as to whether I should believe the utility completely - after all, isn't this a degenerative bug that affects the drive's data over a long period of time?  I have very important data stored on this machine that I'm not keen on compromising.

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                Robert - You should contact Gateway to determine if your system has the revised H67 Express Chipset. Regards. Peter

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                  Thanks for the reply- I followed your advice.  According to the representative that responded to my email inquiry, "there are no known issues with the motherboard of DX4860."


                  However, he didn't mention as to whether the motherboard was a "revised" H67 or not.  I'll post the response to that clarification as soon as I get it.  I guess it would be unwise for Gateway to ignore such a bug, especially a glitch that could be affecting so many computers.

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                    Unfortunately I hadn't been informed via email that the customer service agent had responded already. Here is the response:


                    "Please be informed that I have gone through all the information provided by you and after thoroughly checking our database.

                    I have found that the chipset of you computer has been revised once..

                    I regret to inform you that I will not be able to provide the detailed information about the revision as this information is internal.

                    However I would like to mention that your computer is installed with the latest version of chipset available with us.

                    The previous versions that you have been checking on the Internet with any kind of issues are no longer supplied with our computers.


                    I feel a bit more relieved now.  That was a little scary finding out about a potential recall with a computer that I've had for six months already.  Thanks for reading - and thank you Pete, for the help and advice =).


                    P.s. I went ahead and posted a reply to the thread that Peter shared at the being of this thread:

                    Tool from Gigabyte to Identify SATA 2 Port Connections on H67/P67 Boards