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    MB 1200 BTS server



      i have a problem with MB 1200BTS, i cant install a program which is under dos (Novell os). Is it any way to install novell with MB 1200 BTS? or is it any driver which can help me to solve the compatibility problem? thanks

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          Can you please describe the steps you have taken to install the OS?

          What storage technology are you trying to install to? (onboard controller, expansion card, etc.)

          Does your OS have a driver supporting the technology?

          What errors have you encountered in the process of installing the OS?

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            hi Jason, thx for ur reply..

            sorry, i dont know what errors encountered when installing the OS, i've just got the notification from my supplier who's in charge to install the program but he said when loading configuration of novell os the pc hang and have an error because of the mainboard. He suggest me to change the mainboard to other brand. What i want to install is a program under DOS than can be running only in Novell OS.

            Does mainboard 1200 BTS support novell, or just support windows and linux?

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              You should find out exactly what error is happening. Without that you'll never know what is reallyhappening.


              To answer the question of if the server board S1200BTS supports Novell, it's really a question of if Novell supports the hardware. You would need to have drivers, but before we can get that far, you need to specify which version of Novell you are seeking to install. Think of it this way, you've just asked if you can install Windows on your hardware. You need to be specific, are you for instance useing Windows Server 2003 or Sever 2008? (I know you aren't using Windows, it's just an example).


              Here is the support page for downloading drivers for the server board in question. There is no Novell driver, but not knowing which OS you want to install is a blocker.




              It's up to you if you want to pursue this any farther. I can not say yet if there is merit to chasing this until you resolve the questions as stated above.