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    CSMI command in RAID configuration



      Does anybody know that if CSMI command is support in the newer version of RST for RAID configuration!?


      We're trying to set the Advance Power Management (APM) on RAID configuration.

      We tried to use Smartmontools 5.43 (a test release on Windows) since it supports the APM setting function using CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU.

      However, the command always return with ReturnCode=4. From the CSMI document, it means "no enough security access".

      I'm not sure if it is because Intel has disabled the using of CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU or it limits the security access to only get the info from RAID configuration.

      (from this post: http://intelopenport.hosted.jivesoftware.com/message/157969#157969 . Someone says that CSMI_SAS_STP_PASSTHRU is disabled in newer driver versions)


      If it is, are there any other ways to access the APM or other settings on RAID configuration!?


      Many thanks