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    Asus N61JQ and Advanced-N 6230 wireless adapter



      After removing the standard (crappy) wireless adapter, I installed the Centrino 6230.  Then installed the latest Intel ProSET software and drivers.  Device properties now show the 6230 however with Windows error code 10 - device driver failed to start.

      Any ideas?



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          Hello Tim, thank you for your post. Exchanging/upgrading an internal wireless adapter on laptops is something you want to have the laptop manufacturer do for you, or at least have them provide you with the exact version of wireless adapter that will work in your system.


          The reason you need to involve the laptop manufacturer is because they have to customize their systems to prevent “unauthorized” hardware changes, any change to the wireless (other other internal devices operating on radio frequencies) may cause their system to no longer comply with strict FCC and IEEE regulations.

          Unfortunately for the issue you experience there is no workaround, the recommendation would be to either contact the laptop manufacturer for the correct device, or acquire a WiFi USB dongle instead.