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    Intel HD 3000 and Blu-Ray Fail


      I have a Windows XP machine and recently installed a Blu-Ray drive which included Cyberlink PowerDVD.  However, when I did the BD advisor program to check if the Blu-Ray would play, it failed on the Intel HD 3000 graphics driver.  My latest driver which I have installed is for Windows XP. 


      Does anyone know why it would say failed on my graphics driver when I have the latest driver installed?  I currently have DVI connected to my monitor.


      Thank you for the help!

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          To play Blu-ray you need a HDCP capable monitor, this is for copyright protection.  If you don't have an HDCP capable monitor this might be causing the failure.


          DVI usually doesn't support HDCP so that may well be your problem.





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            The drivers for Intel® HD Graphics, will support Blu-ray disc playback with the Windows Vista* and Windows 7* since some media features required for Blu-ray disc playback, including content protection, are only available in the Intel graphics driver for these operating systems.


            In this case you can use the system under Windows* XP for playback of Standard/High Definition (SD/HD) video clips, DVD, and other sources of video, however not to play Blu-ray.