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    Intel 330 series SSD  180GB Firmware


      I just recently purchased an Intel 330 series SSD 180GB.  It is connected to a SATA 3 port @6Gb/s. The reason I'm here is the SDD seems to slowdown after I run the the toolbox trim optimizer.

      The slowdown seems to last about a minute then it goes back to normal. The toolbox ver. is 3.03 which I believe is the lastest.

      I am curious what the current firmware is...Mine is listed as 300i. Is there a newer ver? or will there be one soon?

      I have an older 320 series 120GB that is  only SATA2 that did not slowdown after trim.


      Dell XPS 8300 desktop   

      i7 2600

      16GB ram

      Windows 7 x64 home


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