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    20s boot delay Intel HD3000 Mac mini 2011 on Win7 (32bit)



      I just bought two Mac minis (MC815XX/A) with Intel HD3000 graphics.

      I added a Intel 520 series SSD to speed up the boot process of Windows 7 (32bit). Unfortunately, the Intel HD3000 causes a boot delay of around 20 seconds, so the SSD does not really help. The boot process stops at the windows boot animation.


      When I uninstall the Intel HD3000 driver the mac mini boots in 25 seconds.


      Any ideas? It seems to be a major bug of the Intel HD3000 driver. Is there any alternative graphic driver, which gives me some basic functionality on the 2011-mac mini without the annoying boot delay? I don`t need the gaming stuff...





      Nachricht wurde geändert durch: Reinhard Stindl Forgot to mention: It doesn`t matter which HD3000 drivers I installed, bootcamp or generic.

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          I do not think the graphics driver will work properly in a Mac computer.  I do not think that driver has been validated to work with that specific hardware.  I recommend contacting Apple in order to check if Windows has been tested or validated for that computer or not.



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            There comes a driver with bootcamp for the HD3000, but it makes no difference.

            I tested several versions of Intel HD3000 drivers without success. I assume most people don`t realize that the Intel driver is causing the delay and they think it is the slow HDD.

            My problem is that I bought a Intel 520 SSD for faster boot and I realized that it takes 20s for the HD3000 Intel driver to load. That`s very sad...


            Any ideas?

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              Mark Nieuwenhuis


              The 20s delay has nothing to do with the Intel Video Driver. The 20 seconds delay is caused by loading the EFI CSM module. Realise that the Mac Mini does not have a BIOS. Instead it uses EFI for booting. Windows however, relies on BIOS. Therefore, the EFI CSM module is loaded in order to simulate the BIOS.

              Unfortunately, the BIOS emulation mode in the MAC Mini disables AHCI and enables IDE. Therefore I think you will not get any advantage at all when running a SSD. For a SSD you should have AHCI enabled.


              The only way to solve this is to boot in EFI mode instead of BIOS (CSM) mode. This is finally made right in Windows 8 by Microsoft. But... unfortunately, the Intel Driver does not work in EFI mode, see


              The specified item was not found.


              Apparently Intel does not want to solve this!

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                Thanks Mark,

                but how can it be the EFI-BIOS-issue, if uninstalling of the Intel HD3000 driver removes the 20s delay?

                By the way, I have the AHCI modus enabled on my mac mini with Win 7 32bit.

                I could see a performance boost, at least according to the Win peformance index ;-)


                What I need is a Intel HD3000 driver, which is properly written...not that low cost sh..