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    DZ77BH-55K and Win7 will not recognize video card


      Thinking I had a faulty video card (MSI R6850), I replaced it with an identical model and tried again. The power to the card makes the fan work, but Win7 does not recognize the card again and thus I cannot install drivers. No indication of card in device manager. Trial of insertion in second PCIe slot with same non-results.


      Still getting video signal out of integrated graphics from HDMI port.


      BIOS is set to defaults. BIOS is supposed to detect graphics card and switch in my understanding from integrated HD 4000 to PCIe card.


      I am stuck. Wondering if there is a technique to get the card recognized or if perhaps MoBo is faulty.


      Can you help me out of this pickle?

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          Had the same problem happen to me with my DZ68ZV (a bit more annoying than your case, since the ZV has no integrated video). Apparently, it's a glitch during the allocation of memory to big video cards. There are a few similar complaints on this forum.


          It was solved by updating the BIOS. However, updating the BIOS to the current version is a risky move, since many complain about performance issues all around after updating. I, for one, lost the ability to overclock my processor, as well as BSOD every time I try to run a diagnostics program on my video card.


          I would consider carefully reading most posts here with similar issues to yours and issues over the new BIOS.


          Since Intel has recently launched a new version for the DZ68DB, which supposedly fixes said issues, you might be in luck, if you could spare a week or two before they release a new version for your DZ77BH.

          Hope that helped. Cheers.

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            Thanks for your help. I did update the BIOS which went very successfully, but still no recognition of the MSI R6850 graphics card.


            I had an excellent three part chat session with Intel where they had me do all sorts of well though out tests. The clincher was installing an older PCIe card different from the one that was thought to be possibly incompatible and that board was not recognized either.


            Conclusion was that the board was defective. I will be contacting Newegg for an RMA.


            Not sure whether I will go with another Intel board or try a different brand. Am scratching my head about that one right now especially since I do not want integrated graphic now that I know it will not support my big monitor.


            Thanks you for your help; great community!

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              Followup on the resolution of this problem.


              I RMAed the assumed defective Mobo and got a replacement of the same board from Newegg overnighted to me. Had it installed in just a few minutes with the MSI video card and the monitor coming off of that cards DVI dual link port.


              The BIOS of this new Mobo was NOT updated to the newest version by flashing it.


              The new computer booted immediately without any problems and the card was instantly recognized with signal to the monitor. Once the card drivers were installed, I had full 2650x1600 resolution without any problems.


              Therefore the fist Mobo WAS defective and there was no problem with the second one.


              There was no need to flash the BIOS. All is well and this is a happy camper with a new fast computer.


              Thought anybody reading this post would like the final follow-up. Both Intel support and Newegg were just great about standing behind the product.


              Thanks again for all the support.